Cremation Marbles

Cremation Marbles has the highest quality cremation memorial glass available. Every piece is handmade by Vaughn Evans, an artist with decades of experience making glass art, with the highest quality borosilicate glass available. Boro (or "hard" glass) is less fragile than other glass, and is far more scratch resistant than the soda-lime (soft) glass used by our competitors. We consider this a must when dealing with family heirlooms and keepsakes. Each piece of our cremation glass is annealed properly in a glass kiln for maximum strength, and is MADE TO LAST.


Quantities can be changed in the Shopping Cart.

There is a "Request" box for you to tell us any specific designs and/or colors you would like. Leave it blank to have the artist choose.

Cremation Marbles

Cremation Marbles - Small

Glass marbles made with the ashes of your loved one. These small marbles are great for your pocket. Choose either a Basic, Complicated, or Impossible design.

Cremation Marbles - Large

Cremation Marbles - Large

Large cremation marbles that are best for display. Check the Add-ons/Upgrades section for marble stands. Choose either a Basic, Complicated, or Impossible design.

Cremation Beads

Cremation Beads

Cremation glass beads, made to last! You may request colors, hole size, etc. Just ask.

Silver Cored Cremation Beads

Silver Cored Cremation Beads

These sterling silver cored cremation beads are extra durable. My fine silver cores are pounded into shape with a hammer!

Cremation Pendant

Cremation Pendants

One of a kind cremation pendants, around 1.25" wide. 'Mini-pendants' are ~.75", and come in the 'Hill' design. 'Drop' pendants and Paw Print pendants are popular.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation glass jewelry by Vaughn Evans is the ultimate way to wear your keepsake. Vaughn has decades of experience making jewelry, and customizes each piece individually to your needs.

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Everything Else

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available, in paper or digital format. We can work out any details with you personally, just ask.

    If gift, who is the recipient?


We can write letters in titanium on the glass. Get a marble stand, or a handmade ring(request size in blank). Try a marble cage, and wear your marble as a pendant. Have us put a pendant or bead onto a chain for you(request length). Pay a fee for multiple sets of ashes.


After you place your order, you should send one teaspoon of ash (a regular spoonful) to me at:

Vaughn Evans
311 Bowen St.
Linwood, KS 66052

I recommend using two zippable baggies for the ash, with the air squeezed out. Write YOUR name on the baggie in permanent marker. Use a bubble mailer.

If you are planning on having us hold onto multiple sets of ashes for future orders, also label the bag with the name of the deceased.

Let me know if I should hold on to the remaining ash for a future order, send it back with the glass, or spread it for you by writing KEEP, RETURN, or SPREAD on the upper corner of the baggie.

A standard fee of $20 is charged for shipping AND the handling of the ashes. $30 outside the US.

All sizes are approximate. If you need something exactly sized, make a note of it, and we'll do our best.

Vaughn also makes tools for glassblowers.

If you would like to make your order personally through email, pay by check, make a special request, or if you just have a question, email Vaughn at

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