The most common design. $20 for a half inch marble! Cremains in a glass marble Cremation marble by Vaughn Evans Reticello Pendant with Opal by Vaughn


"Hi Vaughn, I received the marbles over the weekend and they are wonderful! The photos on your site are great but seeing these in person, they are really impressive. Thanks again."
– Allison Fry

"Hi Vaughn, I just got Yoda back today. I am so overjoyed, I don't even know how to begin to thank you. The glass is more beautiful than I imagined, and knowing that he'll always physically be with me means so much I can't express it through words. This isn't something I even knew was possible, and for you to do this for me and everyone else, thank you so so much, Truly, from the bottom of my heart, and everyone else who loved Yoda, thank you thank you thank you, Forever grateful,"
– Matthew

“Vaughn, the marbles are for my son. This was the last conversation I had with my son. He asked that if anything happened to him that he be made into marbles. I told him that I wasn't ready to be making him into marbles yet but I would check into it. Four days later he passed.”

“Vaughn, We received the marbles the day before yesterday. We couldn't believe how beautiful they are. I have literally been all over the world and have seen many large museums. I have never seen anything as amazing as these marbles. I am so impressed with your art and am grateful that my son could be a part of it. These marbles are a true tribute to my son and he would be happy with the turn out. Thank you so much for everything.”
- Andy Day

"You are so awesome! Everything looks perfect. I can't express how much I appreciate it all!"
– Audrie Viola

"I just wanted to say that I think what you do (the cremation marbles brought me here but the regular glasswork is too) is amazing and beautiful! My parents are very much alive but I hope they will consider this. Now…how to bring this up in conversation? Thanks for making something beautiful out of something sad!"
– Christie Eckardt

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