The most common design. $20 for a half inch marble! Cremains in a glass marble Cremation marble by Vaughn Evans Reticello Pendant with Opal by Vaughn

Cremation Glass Ordering Information

How to use this website

The Home Page has all the information most orders will need, but each object has it's own page with details on each Designs that can be ordered. More expensive designs are available on these individual pages.

How to order through the website uses the Paypal shopping cart to accept credit/debit cards with the most trusted service available. It will open in the next tab when you make an order. Change the quantities in the paypal shopping cart.

How to make an order by email or phone

The easiest and fastest way to order is through the website, using a credit/debit card or PayPal. If you need to send a check or money order with the ash, you can order by email to or by phone at (785)-325-9644. Please leave a message if we don't answer right away, and we'll call you back.

How to send the ash

After you place your order, you should send one teaspoon of ash to me at:

Vaughn Evans
311 Bowen St.
Linwood, KS 66052

Let me know if I should hold on to the remaining ash for a future order, send it back with the glass, or spread it for you.

I recommend using two zippable baggies for the ash, with the air squeezed out. Put YOUR name on the baggie to avoid any mistakes. Bubble mailers are far better than regular envelopes. If you are planning on having us hold onto multiple sets of ashes for future orders, also label the bags with the name of the deceased.

A standard fee of $15 is charged for shipping and handling, $25 outside the US.

All sizes are approximate, unless you request exact sizing.

Special requests are always welcome. If you'd like to make your order personally through email, pay by check, or if you just have a question, email Vaughn at

For Kansas Locals

Contact or text/call 785-325-9644 if you would like to schedule a time to visit the shop to watch Vaughn make your order. There is a $25 shop tour fee that is waived if your order is over $200. There is also an option to drop off ashes and/or pick up your finished glass in person.

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