Reticello and opal pendant by Vaughn



Frequently Asked Questions

How much ash should I send?

For most orders a teaspoon is plenty. Any unused ashes will be saved, and sent back with your order, unless you would like me to keep some for future orders.

How do I send the ash?

I prefer getting the ash in zippable baggies, double bagged, with the air squeezed out. Please write your name on the inner baggie for me. If you are sending multiple sets of ash, write your name, and the deceased's name.

How much is shipping and handling?

I charge a flat rate of fifteen dollars for shipping and handling of the ash. Twenty-five if you live outside the US.

Where do I send the ashes?

You can send the cremation ashes to:

Vaughn Evans
311 Bowen St.
Linwood, KS 66052

Can I choose custom colors?

Short Answer: Yes, but some may not turn out looking like the colors you request.

Long Answer: Most of the colors I use include precious metals, either fine silver or gold. The mixture of these metals makes the colors change drastically while worked in the flame, making it hard to get the colors the same everytime.

I do have bright plain solid colors that do not change color, but I do not like them as much. They tend to bubble, and are much harder to get good results with, limiting my design options. If you require a certain color, I may end up using one of these, but I generally avoid them unless I can't find another good option.

If you want my best work, let me choose the colors myself or choose colors which are no problem, namely blue, green, and purple. The worst colors to request are red, yellow and orange, unless you want the plain solid colors I mentioned. Feel free to ask about any color, and I will tell you your options. I have hundreds of colors to choose from, but typically use only a few to achieve a huge range of colors.

How long will it take to make my order?

Typically it will be within two weeks. Sometimes I will start your order as soon as it arrives and have it done in a day or two. It all depends on how busy I am, as the sole glassblower. If your order is large, it might take a bit longer. Rush orders are available, pricing will vary.

What do you do with cremation ashes?

I dip the molten tip of glass rods into the ash, and use it to decorate glass marbles, pendants, beads, paperweights, and other glass objects. The embedded ash is used as part of the design in many different ways. It usually becomes a wispy white, and sometimes has tiny bubbles coming from it. I use a wide variety of designs to achieve many different looks. The results are often incredible, especially when combined with the right kinds of glass.

Can I order glass without any ashes?


I don't have any ashes. Can I order glass with someone else's ashes in it if I want a sample, or just like the look?

Yes, my apprentice has donated his family dog's ash to practice new designs. "Midnight" is in many of the pictures on this site, and can be used if you like.

Special Requests

Designs will vary, no two will be alike. You may request an object to be similar, and I will do my best to match it.

When you may make requests, but make sure to tell me if the color is required. If so, I may use a different, more crayola-esque color palette, that will guarantee a bright color, but will not look as good, in my opinion, and may have some bubbles or defects around it. The hazy, silver and gold based glass colors I use change many colors, and I can't control the reaction every time. Colors like red, yellow, and orange are the most effected by this. Blues, greens, purples are generally easy to get beautiful results with, and are the colors I recommend requesting.

Ask about special designs, and I will let you know if they are possible, and how much I would charge. I will get as close as I can to meeting your needs. Feel free to be detailed in your email, and I will get back to you regarding any questions you may have.

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