The most common design. $20 for a half inch marble! Cremains in a glass marble Cremation marble by Vaughn Evans Reticello Pendant with Opal by Vaughn



Cremation Marbles by Vaughn

Beautiful marbles can be made using cremation ashes, or cremains. The ash turns a wispy white color, and develops tiny entrapped air bubbles when it is encased in glass.

Cremation glass is a timeless, unique way to memorialize a loved one. My glass, as seen in the pictures throughout this site, is borosilicate, which will resist scratches, and should never break in normal conditions.

Different sizes and designs of cremation marbles


Years ago, after making my first cremation marbles, I did a blog post about them. Soon after, I started getting random emails from across the world, asking if I could make more.

My work has gone through many changes since that first order. I have added many new objects and designs to my selection of cremation ash glass. Every piece has been unique.

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